A Message from the DDGM

Darrin L. Feerrar
District Deputy Grand Master


    Free Masonry is a story of life with all its joy, its heartaches, its failures and its final triumph over all earthly things. 

     Anyone can read of it in its countless books, or watch individuals trying to describe it in programs shown on A&E or the History Channel.   Its teachings, its symbols and its ambitions are open for general observation. They are practiced in the light and are held up for all to see.

     Freemasonry is not practiced in the dark, neither are its teachings the dogma of some forbidden cult. We are not a Secret Society, we are a Society with a few of Secrets. We are not attempting to take over the world, as some misled individuals claim, we are simply trying to improve it by making good men better.  We as Free Masons are required to reflect the light, to practice our teachings, and live by their direction. No greater thing can be said of Free Masonry, than it teaches and practices certain ideals, as a way of life.

     We can study Freemasonry for years, and each time we think on things said and done, we receive new meanings and inspirations. There is a never ending source of interest in the various shade of meaning that can be read into each line of our work. Each new meaning or interpretation that we put upon some word or act will make that passage live for us, and we will begin to see Free Masonry for what it was intended.

 Freemasonry frowns on advertising its good deeds, preferring to let those who benefit from them reflect its goodness, that others might have hope and desire the better things of life. 

         Yes Masonry is many things, but we here in our District all know, that Masonry is a lot of hard but important work.  Work, which is needed more than ever in our world today. We must remember, in today’s world, someone is always watching.  So, we need to be the best Masons, not just members, but the best Mason’s we can be, each day, and every day.